Tuesday 26 February 2013

Halima Abubakar Looks Different With New Hair And Cat eye Makeup

You know how everyone has been complaining about Halima Abubakar and her looks etc well, she has been reading your comments and has clearly had more time for herself lately. With her sexy side cut sequins dress, very long human hair lace wig,  immaculately trimmed eyebrow and cat eye makeup, she has certainly put in a lot of time and effort. BUT

What  is your verdict? HOT or NOT?

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  1. D hair is still overkill tho, she needs to take it down a notch

  2. Jesus she looks like a witch and tacky also sometimes less is more no need for horse hair and heavy make ups

    1. if she keeps it simple you complain, if she doesn't you complain you guys should find a job and leave her the fuck alone

  3. Chizy, I'm beginning 2 suspect that Halima is ur very good friend

  4. lmfao. Chizy you are being sarcastic right? expensive my indeed. Nikki Minaj wanna be

  5. Why are her knees so dark?? Anyway ha makeup looks nice for once, but the hair ehhnn, must she pack d entire weave shop on her head???

  6. She looks like a witch


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