Thursday, 21 February 2013

Chai! Nigerian Musicians And Their Creativity.


The Nigerian music industry seems to have wended her way to creativity chase as our Nigerian artiste will stop at nothing to project their creativity. Terry G is seen 'royally' making a footrest of a girl's bum sitting on what looks like a mundane king's throne. It must have been a show of creativity for 'King' Terry G, but I'm sure some women think its a blatant disrespect to womanhood.

Also, fast rising SNA-Z ('Kolobi' singer) seems to have surrendered his head to be stepped on by a lady, promoting his new song 'I Don't Mind'. He sure doesn't mind.

But, just saying, both photos together look like a battle of the sexes. Lol.

Is there anything wrong with the photos or its just a case of creativity?

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  1. don't get lazy, write as well as you can.

    this is a cheap post madam and i'm disappointed because i know you can do better


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