Monday, 28 January 2013

Wow!!! It Seems Dr Sid Is Going To Say "I Do" Very Soon.

Nigerian Singer Dr Sid seems to have found his missing ribs. In a recent interview he talks about the special woman in his life.

"There’s somebody who is actually responsible for a lot of the changes I’ve gone through as an individual. She’s a woman who makes me want to be better. She’s very interested in my career, my sense of style and fitness. I owe a lot of the changes that are happening to me especially this year to her and the kind of attention that she’s given me" says Dr Sid

How long have you been together?

"About 8 months. We met under very “interesting” circumstances which I will not discuss"

When he was asked to give an insight into how they met this was his response

"Maybe when we’re getting married, I’d talk about it"

You know she is “the one” already?

What makes you say that and what qualities attracted you to her?

"It’s something you just know. There was a connection. You don’t have to say words, when you look at each other, you know that it’s there. When I’m not with her, I constantly want to; I constantly try to make her proud of me in everything I do"

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