Monday, 28 January 2013

"My Mother Is Going To Get Me A Husband From The Village" Eva Alordiah.

Eva Alordiah speaks about sex and explains the role of her mother in searching for a perfect hubby for her.

"I am single but not searching. My mother is working on that. She is going to get me a husband from the village. I don’t know how the search is going for her though. I think Nigerian men are fine, we have the best crop of men in Nigeria. My major priority is to be focused on necessary things. I don’t see relationships as unnecessary but I see s*x as unnecessary. I am not a married woman, it is not something I would wake up in the morning and say I would indulge in it. It was created for married people. It is seen as a part of relationships by this generation because people are influenced by what they see on television and read in magazines. The youths are getting very enlightened" say Eva
Are you going to give your mom that same duty too?

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  1. Really surprise dat u too chizyk lacks sense of humor can't u see she is just being sacarstic..


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