Saturday, 5 January 2013

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Halle Berry Poses Nude


I just stumbled across this photo of Halle Berry and decided to show it to you guys. You'll agreee with me that this is a nude photo. I really don't know what Halle Berry is up to. What do you think about this outfit? Sexy or trashy?

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  1. this shows it takes more than good looks to keep a man, cos we all know she can't keep a man to save her life... but looks great and her boobs look fantastic she can b-feed me anytime ;)

    1. definitely not d "storm" in x-men. Damn!

  2. Definitly trash. Kai!!! *SMH*

  3. if my wife look like this at 43 i will thank god everyday

  4. Madam ds pix ws photoshopd oo.. Chck d original version here

  5. Where is d pride of a woman! Mtchew shm! Its a shame & a pity! Thnk God am decent & am proud 2 b a woman! I luv Nigeria women dey wil NEVA stoop as LOW,DEMEANING or as TRASHY like dis BITCH! D kingdom of God...

  6. Oh my God!!! What is this world turning into

  7. I think she's sexy oo...even at her age

  8. Too sexy...look at that boobs

  9. Fool at forty! Dr 90210's job shaa

  10. Pls ppl, stop condemning her pls, that pix is photoshoped. Haba small tin lik dis u ppl will start abusing wit out asking questions.
    SHYNOMY said so....


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