Saturday, 5 January 2013

Karen Igho Forgives The Security Man Who Slapped Her

Not too long ago, Karen Igho was slapped ruthlessly by a security guard at a smirnoff party in Lekki, Lagos. After the event, i even heard that she sued smirnoff for an amount of 50million for damages of the slap, but i think she had a rethink about the whole issue. She said on her twitter page that she has forgiven the man involved. Read her tweets below:

 Do you think Karen should really let go?

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  1. She should let go,its painful sha...

  2. Nooo Noo she shld fight for womens right.

  3. D security guy was totally outta line.....wen nigerians are given a little authority dey tend mis-use it wat reason did d mad man have 2 slap her I'm a guy tho buh I fink she shld teach him a lesson @ least loosin his job would fit d crime......lachinkwa

  4. Very tru Lachinkwa ;its all dis naija attitude of leaving it "to God" dat has brot d rate of crime and corruuption in this country. People need to b punished for breaking d law and being punished doesn't mean he wasn't 4givn.dats hOw rapists go free cos d families of d victims "leave it to God". U'l wait ehn,God will come nd castrate d guy for u.....

  5. Depending on wot really transpired,who knows...she mihght be de one at fault here(report didn't tell us dat)heheheh bt trust Karen naa she is a no nonsense person wen it comes to showing powers(unto fights).So for her to let go I sense she might be de one at fault. Security gaurd can't jst slap a celebrity #airing my view don't crucify me Oº°˚ lol

    1. its a free world, u just let go what u think as for me i don't give a finger in d middle.


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