Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian And Kate Middleton To deliver Their Babies In July

Kim Kardashian stated categorically today that her expected delivery date is sometime in July. This information followed the announcement by St James Palace that the royal baby by Kate Middleton is expected also in July. 

What a co-incidence!!! Royal baby VS Kardashian baby. No one knows the exact dates in July yet, but it is confirmed that these superstars are dropping their babies in July. Its celebration galore in the USA this year. Not to forget that popular musician Shakira is also almost due.

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  1. Kims due date is june. Madam blogger check ur source

  2. Still don't kn why Kim K always hv tinz in common wth Kate M. Same type of wedding nw dropping babies same time. #jst talking shaa#

  3. Kim said June. Where did you hear July?

  4. Wrong facts,Kim's baby is due in june while d Princess baby is due in july

  5. Ignore me you are right. She said July.

  6. What a caption"deliver" which means dem don born d pikin dem already na!Chizy I told u u nid moi in ur life


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