Friday, 4 January 2013

Newly Engaged Actress Nse Ikpe Etim Is Also Pregnant?

The multiple award winning actress, Nse got engaged over the christmas holiday to her boo. She is clearly very protective of her relationship as well as the man in question because in an interview she granted just two weeks ago, she clearly stated that she is not in a relationship. In her own words;
“The thing is I have stated my thoughts on marriage. It is a good thing but it has to be kept holy. Who says I am being delayed? I do not subscribe to divorce because I am so catholic and I was brought up that way. I am not in a relationship because I won’t have time to make other people happy and make ‘him’ happy. I have chosen who I want to make happy, my fans.

It’s very early in my career and I can’t compromise because I can’t feed him. I don’t do trial and error, every man that has been in my life has been for a reason and season and I am sure they are all fine. It is something that you do not out of societal pressure, not because your parents want you to do it but because you are ready and you have found the one person that you cannot dare to live without,”
I'm guessing Mr Right read this October interview and decided to impress her a little more and it worked because not only is she engaged, she is clearly getting ready for motherhood. She shared the below photo and tweet ...

We  wish both of them the best and totally understand that it is sometimes better to keep your relationship out of the limelight, nonetheless we hope that  she won't hide the wedding photos as well. We love you Nse and want to rejoice with you so when you have fixed the wedding date or when the baby comes, don't shut us out.

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  1. She so do not look like her in that photo. Bt I wish her well shaa

  2. @ Jenny.....thot so too

  3. Wat is it wif pregnancy b4 marriage, is dt wats in vogue in nigeria??


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