Tuesday, 11 December 2012

PHOTO:- Tiwa Banks Allegedly Stabbed And Assaulted By Landlord's Son

Tiwa Banks who releasesed Olenle earlier this year was recently assaulted, allegedly by her landlord's youngest son called Tobi Obadina  whom people claim have done this to others in the area. cccording to those in the hood;
Tobi Obadina came into Tiwa's apartment at night due to little misunderstanding in the day, broke a bottle on her head then stabbed her, her brother and a  neighbor who met him at the scene. He left her in d pool of blood before She was rushed to the hospital by neighbors. Tiwa is on hospital bed now while Tobi Obadina boast around saying he can not be arrested because he's an eX-officer's son.
It's amazing what some people in this country sometimes get away with.

Click READ MORE to see photos of her injury. Viewer's descretion advised.

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  1. Ah, what kind of evil Land Lord Son is this?
    This is wickedness o. The landlord's son should be jailed for a long term

  2. he should be executed


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