Monday, 31 December 2012

Have You Ever Wondered What Happened To The Romance Between D'banj And Geneveive? Here's The Gist

Do you remember when D'banj and Genevieve were rumoured to be lovers? It all started when Genevieve appeared in the musical video of D'banj's hit song "Fall in Love" after which they were spotted together in a few events walking hand in hand down the red carpets, and even at Genevieve's 32nd birthday. Months later, they were rumoured to have broken-up their romance. I've read and heard different versions of the reason behind their break-up but not one is confirmed. Its been almost a year now and no one knows what actually happened between them, but City People magazine claims to have the full gist of all that transpired.

 Click read more to read the full story and tell us what you think really happened.

According to City People magazine, D'banj and genevieve were once tagged the "Hottest celebrity couple of 2010" until their sudden break-up early this year. After their break-up, there were rumours that the separation was caused D'banj's mother who never supported the relationship between these love birds.

According to the magazine, it was revealed that Genevieve walked out of the relationship when she discovered D'banj was involved in a secret love affair with her Abuja-based friend, Adama Indimi (daughter of Maiduguri based multi-millionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi).

It was also reported that D'banj and Adama denied the allegation when being confronted by Genevieve. The numerous photos and tweets between D'banj and Adama also confirmed the story.

What other version of the gist have you heard? Do you think D'banj actually dumped Genevieve for Adama? Do you think there's more to it than we know? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Hian!!!

    Abeg 2 of em should goaaan sleep abeg,na today?

  2. I liked them together and hoped it would last. They say he's been with the Indimi girl for a long time. Is that the one his Mum will like? The Indimi people will not like him.

  3. Seial womaniser is not my possion no matter how rich he is or desperate I am

    1. Lol! I wish you what u wish yourself!

  4. I don't like the fact that they broke up.


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