Thursday, 27 December 2012

Check Out Nikki Minaj's Christmas Outfit, Sexy Or Trashy?

The popular US singer, Nikki Minaj showed off her sexy and eye popping assets when she hosted her Christmas Extravaganza night in New York . She had a hot, figure hugging black catsuit on, which was finished off with black and red studded shouder pad. Her hair was cut in a sleek bob and her face was covered with an enormous pair of glasses. Nikki really loves to flaunt her curves.

 Anyway i'm not too surprised, its just that i cant believe the outfit is not in her favourite colour, Pink. What do you think about this catsuit? Would you say its sexy or trashy?

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  1. d outfit sexy die...............

  2. The woman spells sex as a beast on all fours. There is nothing she wears that can be trashy , even if she tried her best !!!


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