Thursday 27 December 2012

Blackface Accuses 2face Of Cheating Him Over The hit Song "AFRICAN QUEEN"

There seems to be a cold war going on between blackface and 2face, former members of the music group PLANTATION BOYS. After their split up, the three band members went solo and 2face released his first single "African Queen". Obviously, the song launched 2face into stardom and he gained international recognition. One the other hand of the fame and success, the song has caused a lot of disagreements between 2face and blackface. According to Entertainment Express, Blackface claims that, "I and 2face have joint ownership of that song, we both have 50% right to that song. I'm supposed to have 50% of it ,which i'm not just getting, and i dont just know what is happening".
Blackface is so bent on getting his share of the revenue realised from the song because they wrote it together. I suggest Blackface should simply let go and focus more on how to find his way back into the music industry, afterall he sang his own version of African Queen.

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  1. dis one na stale gist...abeg make una park far... mschewwww

  2. If its stale gist for u,some ppl dnt know abt it so pls kip queit

  3. Blackface dey don cheat u


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