Thursday, 27 December 2012

"Actresses Offer Sex And Money For Movie Roles", Let's Discuss

I just read a recent interview of movie producer, Solo Amaco, and in it he said actresses offer not just sex but money as well for movie roles.

Clearly this is not the first time we're hearing about this, but Mr Solo claims that it's the actresses who throw themselves at the movie producers, whereas we thought the movie producers demand for it, he painted most of these actresses as very desperate when he said;
"Some actresses call you and ask you how much it will cost for them to be in all your productions, "can I give you 5 million so any job you do, I will be in that production". Some even say how much is your lead role or sub lead role, unfortunately some of our producers fall cheap in doing that, thats one thing i can never do"
I guess that's why Nollywood can't grow, clearly some of our actresses are half baked and can't act to save their life.

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  1. It is pathetic to note that most of the actresses are not actractive to marriage. Because the way they leave their breasts, buttocks opened in movies is terrible so no man would see those uncovered body and propose to them

  2. This Man is a liar.he is one of d producer who ask 4 sex.

  3. Dis man has even asked mi and even collected a movie scipt from mi becos I rufuse 2 slip wit him,him and one other called chidi chijoke.the 2 of dem are heartless.

  4. Ugly thing and a bastard liar too!


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