Monday 1 October 2012

Toolz : I Want A Man That Knows Which Buttons To Press

Beat 99.9 Fm On Air Personality "Tolu Toolz Oniru" one of the Sexiest female personality, who never wanted to be an On air personality OAP’ was asked recently in an interview, what is she looking for in a man? Toolz responded by saying:
Everything, and I think that’s why I am very picky. I want somebody ambitious, caring and sensitive. It’s very important to me that the person is hopeful, I am a hopeless romantic. I want him to be God-fearing and respect me. The list is endless. Somebody that I’m comfortable enough to basically let them take charge when they need to. The person that will understand me, know which buttons to press. I want someone that will understand what a relationship entails, someone that will know it’s not just about having someone you call your girlfriend, never cheat on you, all those things.

Yeah every single lady out there needs a man who knows which buttons to press, right? but wait o, which kind button is she talking about self? *winks*

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