Monday 1 October 2012

Hon.Patrick Obahiagbon Shoots Grammatical Rockets On Nigeria's Independence Day

Hehehe, we all have been waiting for Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon to say something about Nigeria's Independence and he did not fail to deliver. And that makes his politics so entertaining. Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon is popularly known as that politician who loves it big, "big pants and even bigger words". My advice to you: PLEASE GET YOUR DICTIONARY ON STANDBY.

Below is what he had to say;
"As we celebrate our flag and shambolic autarky at 52, we must realize that Nigeria is still more of a geographic contrivance as has been rightly posited by Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Not with our centrifugal excrescences preponderating over our centripetal proclivities. It’s a matter for mental pabulum that we are daily drifting into our ethnic cocoons. We still remain one country with disparate ethnic agendas and I can say it for the umpteenth time again that we must sit down in a sovereign national colloquy to discuss the basis for our nationhood. Anything short of this is just vacuous scahiamachy.”

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  1. he dosen't dissapoint i just wish he speak englih sometimes


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