Monday 29 October 2012

K Solo Opens Up: Kike's Lies Have Been Exposed...I'm Back To My True Love Bimbo

K Solo is Angry. Angry because he feels Kike his wife has spoilt his image for whatever reasons. Yesterday afternoon K Solo spoke to Naijahottestgist and gave his own side of the story. Please click the READ MORE to continue.

Months back I met kike and within 3 months  I left Bimbo my wife whom we had done our family introduction together. I really can't tell what came over me and I became an item with kike and dumped bimbo.

When I realized my mistakes and wanted to move on kike went to the press using all kind of lies calling me a wife beater and sending a makeup picture to the press. During the process she realized she was pregnant and claimed it was my baby I accepted it and took care of her but kike disappeared and it was only through sms that I got to know she has had the baby and I just saw the pictures on internet just like you.

I am shocked with kike but all things happen for good. I have moved on for good and I am back in the arms of my friend and lover Bimbo whom kike came to break us. I will not be talking to the press as I want to concentrate on my life, career and bimbo.

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  1. * Hiss* Woman wrapper talking. Real man don't behave this way.


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