Wednesday, 31 October 2012

CHIZY'S DIARY: "I Must Catch The Bouquet" and The Garter Toss

It has been a very busy month for me, from my birthday celebration, to my dear friend's surprise hen night, traditional wedding and finally the white wedding. As a 'bride to be', I have attended more weddings in the last three months than i have in the last three years, I am also a BellaNaija Wedding stalker and my excuse is "well, I need to get ideas for mine". 

This post is a little too late for me considering married women are not involved in the bouquet toss. I have never been the one to catch a bouquet at a wedding simply because I don't match out when 'all the single ladies' are called out, instead I just sit with my legs crossed while I watch brave girls make the jump - for me it is the most interesting part of a wedding (except of course for the part where the groom kisses the bride).

What's my reason for always staying put though I secretly itch to get involved in this fun game? Well it's simple, I usually spend hours getting dressed, getting the perfect make up e.t.c. so it's quite hard convincing myself to stand in a queue, get my perfect dress and make up all messy, probably get a scratch or two on my face in a bid to catch the bouquet.

Well that's just my opinion, what do you think of the bouquet toss, Is there a trick to catching the bouquet without getting your perfect looks all messed up? Certainly, guys won't understand the fun in this game and just call it a stupid act, but surely it's better than the groom going underneath the bride's dress to untie her garter with his teeth (in front of all the guests, which includes the bride's father by the way) before tossing it to the men.  Hmmm... i'm trying to picture my dad's face.



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  1. Omo na naija be this. wetin the man dey find under there?

  2. Haha... am too desperate not to be part of such fun.. lol.. Well lets say i play the game just for the fun of it.... having said that, all my years of playing the game, i have never caught one. So, i guess i will start adopting your method now,... sitting back and watching pple get smached.. lol.

  3. Me i must catch, I must be the next bride 2013 is my year. As for the garter toss, u guys are on your own, Nigerians just like to copy oyibo

  4. I'm sitting here LMAO! particularly at the picture of the groom placing the garter on another guy's head... Hahaha. On another note, If I were the bride I'd be really shy letting my husband go underneath my dress while people watch just to get a GARTER!!!


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