Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dakore Akande is fully back to Nollywood with the support of her husband

Nollywood actress Dakore Akande, better known as Dakore Egbuson has made a return in the new movie JOURNEY TO SELF after a long absence which took place after her marriiage in January 2011.  It was made believed that she quit acting when she was not seen in movies afterwards, but in her own words she said:
"I want to use this medium to clear the air. I don't know why they went ahead to say because I became a wife my career was over. That is a very archaic way of thinking. Women these day

and age work. We have responsibilities. But I didn't say anything because everything one says about me and I react, I won't have time to do anything with my life. I am an actor but having a family is more important to me, and I am very sure my fans appreciate that. I considered my fans and I said to myself when my daughter is old enough, I would come back to the movie industry. She's almost one now. I am back to acting and my husband supports me returning to it 100%. If he was not supporting me, I would not be doing it."
The movie ''Journey to self'' which tells the story of four friends, Nse (Nse Ikpe-Etim), Regina (Ashionye Michelle-Raccah), Alex (Dakore Akande) and Rume (Katherine Obiang Edoho) who lose a mutual childhood friend, Uche (Tosin Sido).  The ex wife of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” TV show anchor Frank Edoho and the mother of three kids  Katherine Edoho  is set to make her debut as she plays the role Rume in the new

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