Friday 4 November 2011

The Price Of Fame: Wizkid Seriously Mobbed By Fans At His Dad's Birthday

Some days back, Banky W’s manager, Segun Demuren tweeted about how the singers Banky W and Wizkid (who's under Banky's E.M.E record)  were mobbed by hundreds of excited fans at Wizkid's dad's party in Surulere, and sadly Wizkid was unable to spend more time with his father.
According to Segun;
“Sunday was special. It was Wizkid’s father’s 70th birthday, in Surulere, Shitta Bey area. We thought we had come prepared, but we were wrong.” 
“Banky W and I arrived around 6am; the plan was to stay for an hour. We called Wizkid, thinking he would be partying with his Dad, but little did we know that Wizkid was sitting in a car surrounded by a lot of people. He had been in the car since 2pm, at his own Father’s 70th gig. I couldn’t believe it.” 
“So we got him out and walked into the event (at a school playground by the way), so he could sit with his father. Big mistake.” 
“In less than 15 seconds, the canopy is swamped, there are 200 phones in the air taking pictures, and the crowd is overwhelming the security.” 
“the MC is announces that everyone should sit down Nothing. Wizkid’s mum makes it through; but she’s scared and wants to go home.” 
“Security only come to this tent, but leaving the main gate open, area boys then walked in saying “Wizzy, Wiz, Baba Wizzo.” 
 “It was no longer safe, and we had to go”. We greeted Wizkid’s dad & made our way to our vehicle, but there were at at least 150 people surrounding it.” 
“So the security guys carry Wizkid, with one managing to open the door, bundling Wizkid and Banky W into it. I managed to squeeze in, but my clothes got stuck in the door.” 
“I looked at Banky W, I looked at Wizkid and I felt completely sorry for the guys. I asked if this was how it always happened & they said that this was nothing.” 
“On getting back to Wizkid’s fathers house, it was a bit quieter, I looked at a kid who was kid bb’ing, loosely surrounded by four hefty guys. He seemed alone.” 
“It was his father’s 70th birthday & he couldn’t event attend it, because his name is Wizkid.”

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  1. Price to pay for being a celebrity... Me I no fit oooh...I need my life, I like it as it Nice oNE

  2. Hmmm, d price of fame indeed o. Gimme my simple life anyday ! Mwhile this grammar na die o ! Abi is the mgr a blowie master? Lwkmd!

  3. Well d life of a celebrity is gud but me dat am not, i think mine is better


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