Friday 14 October 2011

Baba Suwe's Drug Story Goes On International News Sites + NDLEA Clears Him?

The very loved Yoruba Comic Actor, Baba Suwe aka Babatunde Omidina was arrested on Wednesday the 12th at Muritala Mohammed International Airport by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for  possession of Cocaine. The alleged drugs were spotted in his stomach by a body scanning machine as he prepared for his Paris flight, but the actor completely denied being aware and allegedly refused to excrete the drugs.

Nonetheless, the latest update is that he has been cleared by NDLEA. According to PM News, after his first excretion nothing was found on him though this is inconclusive as it sometimes takes 4 excretion before such drugs eventually come out. On the other hand, Nigerian Films gathered that he was taken to a personal clinic and nothing was found on him, but these can only be taken as 'hear say' as NDLEA is yet to publish an official statement on this matter.

It should be noted that a few years back, Baba Suwe was reported to have been entangled in a similar mess, but then weeks after the report, he insisted the stories were mere rumours. Obviously, a great number of people have taken interest in the 'Baba Suwe Drug Story', even international news platforms like FOX NEWS and BBC NEWS are reporting it.

*This is an unfolding story*
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