Sunday 11 September 2011

PSquare In Court On 26th of October For Failing To Honour A Show and Not Refunding The N3m Payment

A Benin-based music promoter, Mr. Patrick Anieze have raised a case against popular hip-hop artistes, Psquare, which has been adjourned till 26th of October. The duo have been accused of of failing to honour a show organised by Mr Patrick's outfit, PARUJON, in December 2009 and not refunding the N3.633million he paid them.
He said
“Instead of honouring the show, Psquare left for Dualla in Cameroon and returned to Benin very late (around 10p.m.) on the agreed date. As at that time, the people had filled the venue of the show with their tickets.However, Psquare refused to perform that day because they were already tired from the trip and promised to reschedule the show for 14 February, 2009. PSquare failed to honour the rescheduled show. Thereafter, I contacted Femi Falana chambers over the failed contract. Mr. Falana personally talked with Mr. Jude Okoye, who is the elder brother and manager of Psquare and they promised to refund the money spent on the show. After several efforts to get the money refunded, I instructed another lawyer ... to sue PSquare in court which was done on 22 March , 2011”.
It is reported though that Mr. Okoye persuaded the promoter’s lawyer to allow for out of court settlement but he refused to honour this plea, hence the case continues on 26th of October.

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  1. hmmm D Okoye brovas ar showing deir 'igbo man' tendency! Am nt surprised!hmmm D Okoye brovas ar showing deir 'igbo man' tendency! Am nt surprised!


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