Sunday 11 September 2011

Clairon Chukwurah Quites Temporarily To Pursue A Project for Youths

 Amidst rumours of a broken home, Clairon Chukwura seems less concerned about that, but instead focused on her project for youths. Clairon has announced that after about 30years of acting, she'll be quitting the industry temporarily to pursue this project, In a recent interview, she said
"I have been working on my pet project which is Clarion Chukwurah Initiative. I found out that we needed to embark on leadership development training for the younger ones in secondary schools. 
The impression and idea the youths have about government and leadership is pitiable. My initiative is aimed at re-orientating Nigerian youths with the view of making them see that leadership positions is not about going into government to make money but service to the people. 
We intend to change their mentality so that they will be able to see hard work, service to the people and patriotism as what should define them. We are involving international agencies like the USAID, the British Council and the UN Information Centre. 
We are also getting resource persons from these international agencies to teach the youths the beauty of democracy and let them know the challenges of democracy and accountability in government with good example from United States of America and other parts of the world. We are also getting resource persons from Canada and France. It is a four-week leadership training workshop. 
In meeting our program targets from Nigeria, to Cameroon, we partner with State Governments, Corporate Bodies and Conscientious individuals 
The programme will run from one local government to the other in all states but we are currently focussing on three states. 
In the public schools in the local governments, we are going to conduct examinations and from there, 100 students will emerge from each state that will now undergo four-week training. Because of the complexities, our target is to begin with three states which will take off fully next year".
When asked about her clothing line, she said
"Clarion Chukwurah Initiative did not just start today. It started in 1999 and we are known in countries like Cameroon, UK, Canada and other parts of the world. The project held symposiums, on education, parenting, vocational training and career choice selections.  
The project equally produced documentaries on youth prostitution, HIV/AIDS and youth involvement in Agriculture/Food Production in Lagos State. So far, we have successfully carried out Child Support Programs in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, and Ondo States. 
We sensitize annually, Nigerians living abroad in foreign programs of our work. We have successfully carried out family and community support programs in Lagos and Ondo States. Since 2009, we organize annually, a less privileged Children/Youth Schools’ Teachers Summer Upgrade Training Program in collaboration with Fast Training Services, Wembley, and London. With support from the Lagos State Ministry of Education, in 2009, eleven states owned and private schools participated.  
Besides, we also have a company that deals with wears for the younger ones. Wurah Clothing consists of T-shirts, Dress-Tops, Jeans, etc. The clothing line was launched in July 2010 with the Jubilee Collection designed specifically to celebrate our Nation’s 50th independence anniversary". 

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