Sunday 7 August 2011

Following new facts, Mercy Johnson's wedding may no longer hold

Hope you didn't miss the earlier gist about Mercy's wedding HERE. Apparently Mercy Johnson's fiancée, Prince Odianose Okogie made her believe his marriage to Lovely was a sham and they only had a child, not two, it was only recently that Mercy realised  his words were lies, and also she just found out that, he was still in the process of divorcing his first wife. It is also speculated by those close to her that the prince is only marrying her for her money. Well, Mercy's publicist has released another statement, which reads
Yesterday, fresh facts and evidences about the marital status of Mercy Johnson’s fiancé were made available. These facts were sensitive and disheartening. For the record, Mercy was not aware of most of these facts and is presently considering them. She will communicate her decisions in a matter of days. 
Samuel Olatunji, 
For: Bigsam Media.
We hope Mercy makes the right decision

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  1. The last time I said she shouldnt be publicising this wedding thing like its one music concert with tickets on sale, someone said I should SHUT UP that celebrities are meant to do stuffs like that.

    Now nko?

  2. I already talked about this on Linda's blog. It is really sad the outcome of most marriages contracted in our days. Disheartening, the steps most men of today take all in the name of I AM A MAN, I can do as I please. For Lovely Okojie, she should please move on. The love of her life has she had said, apparently is not to be relied upon, for trust. For love! As for Mercy, I am sure she could see the bold handwriting on the wall. This marriage if she plunge into it, would bring no good. By the time Prince, is also through with her, or meet someone with higher accomplishments, her story would be the most shattering. This is what I have to tell the two women,let them leave this guy for good. I know it is really hard, on both side. But let them try.


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