Thursday 28 July 2011

Empress Njamah " I am in a beautiful and respectable, God-fearing relationship. I have never been this much in love before"

Empress Njamah discusses her love life in an interview with ADUNOLA FASUYI. She said
I can’t be disclosing his identity like that, but I do know I am in a beautiful and respectable, God-fearing relationship. I have never been this much in love before. The most important thing is that I am happy.One step at a time. Let God do His own part. It’s not all about marriage. A lot of people are married and are not happy. I am in this relationship and I am happy and that is what counts.I am dating my friend. You can see it from my eyes that I am so much in love. You can see I’m glowing, that’s the power of love. He knows I love him so much and he loves me too.
Talking about her alleged naked pictures, she said
"When I saw the picture, I sent the picture as a Blackberry message to my brother, Aquila and he replied me immediately saying, ‘that is not you, a slight look alike, but the girl is tacky and why are her eyes censored?’I did not write anything alongside the picture when I sent it to him, I just wanted to see what was flying around town and he gave me that response.My brothers are very encouraging, we are so much of a family and they tell me to let it go, that many of my fans and friends know it’s not me. They have been trying to help me to brace up.There has been so much encouragement from my friends and family. The love of my life is also so encouraging about the whole issue, so I don’t really feel as bad as I did, initially. The person circulating the picture wanted to tarnish my image, but the person is not succeeding. God will surely deal with the person".

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  1. Na so dem dey talk for Genesis, hopefully, this time around, there'll be no Exodus into Kung fu arena. But if there is, we'll be here as Judges to read the Chronicles of their dirty Revelations!


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