Sunday 26 June 2011

Who wore it best: Stephanie Okereke or Nicole Scherzinger

I wonder what i was fishing for when i spotted the exact same outfit on both of them, anyway it's a fashion face off between Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke and American singer Nicole Scherzinger. No doubt the $350 Diane von Furstenberg dress can make any one look awesome, but the question is, who wore it best. I've added a clearer picture of the outfit below click on READ MORE to see it

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  1. obviously the singer did coz it brought out her shape nd dat is exactly wat we want 4rm a dress or any outfit

  2. Thank God for Nig artists. Things like this make you know everything is beginning to pay off

  3. I think i will have to go with Nicole. It has a better fit on her.
    But how come they are rocking almost exactly the same things from style of hair, to colour of shoes(the only difference is dat Steph's own is an open toe). Who stole whose look nah!!

  4. @ MsJB, So ur idea of their work paying off is when dey wear a $350.00 dress with another celeb, are u really serious or u just have no real life ambitions.......just had to ask, i rest my case...

    Ada Iheme.

  5. @Ada if only you knew how much they were paid previously in Nollywood, you'll realise that celebrities now affording such outfits means a whole lot. JADE

  6. Mr/Mrs Anonymous...why do u hide your face and say silly things??? MsJB gave her opinion,U just came by acting 5. its sad coz 1,u commented Anonymously but also good U did. Y??? coz we now know your I.Q level is "VERY LOW".. The question we all wanted U to answer was --"Who wore it best: Stephanie Okereke or Nicole Scherzinger??" SO may your ROYAL DUMBNESS please Answer that?? Do have a blessed day and try not to act 5 in the future.

  7. May I just add that this isnt Linda Ikeji's blog so please for the love of the decent opinionated yet respectful people in this community, pass on your information without attacking anyone's personality. Thank you!

  8. I think Nicole wore it better.


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