Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What Rules The World, Guys, Girls Or Money?

I saw a girl's post on face book some days ago about how she rules the would because of the 'honey comb' she has in between her legs. This got some negative comments especially from a guy who spoke with sense(aside his insults).

He blamed the society for the mind set most girls have. It seems like the society has taught girls that their looks are all they have so they must use their bodies to get what they want.

Do you think he is right about this? I beg to differ though, not all girls are like this and we all know that. We have gotten to a stage where women are independent of men. Where women run businesses and homes on their own without seeking aid from men in exchange for sex.

That being said, we also know that such girls as the one that put up the post are everywhere. They are the ones that have created this bad impression about girls. What would they do when their beauty fades and their body starts to sag? What of the fear of STDs and pregnancies, condoms are not 100% safe.

Do guys really rule the world? Nahhh, money does. As long as you can work hard and smart for those green papers, you would have everything. People would throw themselves at your feet just for the chance to be seen with you, to work for you and much more. Money is something that can never fade. Even after your demise, the money and businesses you have made would still live on.

What do you think people, is it the 'girl part', guys or the green paper that rules the world.


  1. Lol..chizzy you again.
    Please tell those girls they don't jhooor,that's what they use in decieving their self.

  2. Lmao.. what a perfect reply.. good for her

  3. pls chizzy dnt be deceived, what rules the world is righteousness,holiness n the grace of God upon someone's life not money. money can fade away but moral stays for eternity.God bless u


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