Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The ''Ginjah Master'' Terry G Speaks On Fatherhood, How It Has Made Him More Responsible And Tamed His Wild Life Style.

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Terry G A.K.A 'Ginjah' or 'Spiritual', the Prolific singer and producer of hit songs like ''Ginger Your Swagger'' speaks on fatherhood. He says fatherhood has changed a whole about him, it has made him more coordinated ,given him a wider view of life and he also said that he has to be more responsible so that his son can be proud of who he is.

When asked if he wanted his son to become a musician like him, he simply responded that he would love him to become a footballer because that was what he wanted for himself but he had no sponsors then so he diverted into music. He said he would go to any length to sponsor his son so he could become one of the greatest footballers to walk the face of the earth.

On his new album titled ''Book Of Ginjah'', he says it has eighteen chapters. He called his 'chapters' instead of tracks. Every chapter shows what he is capable of doing different scopes of music. The album also has 'love songs' on it of which he has done a video of one.

With this new-softer side of Terry G, i wonder what else he has in store for us. 

What do you think of this new side to Terry G, do you like it?

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