Friday, 19 April 2013

Tee Billz Backs His Fiancee, Tiwa Savage Up In Twitfight.

It's normal for fans to comment when a celebrity posts stuffs to any social media. The comments can either be negative or positive, it's now up to the celebrity to either respond or ignore the comments. In the case of Tiwa Savage, a fan felt the need to put her off concerning one of her posts by saying;
"@TiwaSavage if u dnt knw what to tweet, keep ur silly fingers instead of typing rubbish.ur mates dey release album for their fans!!!!"

Tiwa Savage responded to this by simply saying;
 "ok, also hit me up if u nid money 4 hair. Bluehair, bluedress #nice1" 
This got some more comments some of which were from her fiance, Tee Billz. No one speaks rudely to his woman and gets away with it. 

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  1. Really?since when does a man who respects himself get into petty women twitfights?i see he has nothing better to do.Nothing 2 be proud of.

    1. Pls allow him defend his wife abeg!

    2. Abi??? I'd do Same!!



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