Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Relationships: Dealing with insecurities.

A woman came up to me some days ago to complain about her relationship. According to her, she and her boyfriend are deeply in love with each other. What bothers her is the fact that her boyfriend has other girls making advances at him and he finds himself wishing he could follow up on them. Their relationship is a long distance one and she is pretty sure that one day, he would fall.

What do you think about this? Should the guy be having thoughts like this in the first place?

The fact that he told  her about this issue should count for something. It means he cares enough about her, and her opinion. If he didn't, he won't have said anything to her. He might have gone ahead with the offers and act like there was nothing wrong.

It's normal for guys to admire other women just the way some women admire other guys though this is more common among men. A woman should always bear this in mind.

Women who face issues like this should try and encourage their spouses, be more supportive. The tendency for a man to look else where would reduce if he knows he has something good at home. As a woman, you should try your best to keep your man's attention. What does he see in these other women that makes him want them? Ask him what he finds attractive in a woman. If what he says is reasonable, then by all means strive to give him that. Relationships lose their initial spark with time so it's your duty to bring it back by doing things you both love. Have long intimate calls, send pictures e.t.c. Remind him of what he has at home!

On the other hand, if you think that your man is getting out of hand then you better sit him down and trash it out. No matter how far you are from each other, there is no excuse for infidelity. If he is the type that chases after anything in skirt then you know what must be done... Your happiness in the relationship matters. If you can't trust your spouse, then why are you with him in the first place.

What do you think readers? Should she stay or should she go?

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  1. If they are in a very serious relaionship I see no reason y dey can't relocate 2 be close 2 each other. An idol mind I'd d devils workshop. Wen d guy is alone he begins 2 tink f being with those girls dis is nt so good.Try and stay close 2 ur man if u really value ur relaionship.

    1. i certainly agree. kemi said it all. for me, i just want my girlfriend to be funny; do funny things and share jokes with me, call me even if i dont call her. she should take time to listen to my stories and ask how my day went. it makes guys happy. if i am not happy with whatsover she is doing, i'll tell her plain and simple. Nice tips kemi. you rock


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