Sunday, 14 April 2013

Millen Magese Shows Us How To Rock Wrapper And Peplum

If you follow Ex - Miss Tanzania, Millen Magese on her different social media platforms, you will realise that she is one lady who loves to break the rules. From rocking 4-inch high heels shoes on the basket ball court to matching peplum with wrapper.

To attend a friends wedding in Warri, she paired peplum with wrapper and it worked so well in my opinion. We all do not look like this international model who knows how to make every outfit look good, so if you want to rock this look, I suggest you play it safe by using less colors. 

You will notice Millen wore a peplum skirt waist belt instead of a peplum top, you can get one of those HERE and HERE, if you are on a budget then get one on Ebay. They have become very popular all of a sudden, and they are great accessories to finish your look.

Will you be rocking wrapper and peplum anytime soon?

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  1. Lol,great outfit.

    #chizzy I think you are the best blogger in Nigeria.not to flatter tho.just favourite this comment so when it happens you will say I told you.
    Keep up the hardwork

  2. Gotta give it 2 u are good.
    Hang in there recognition is ard da corner


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