Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jokes Of The Day

1. Magician: "I'll cut your wife's body into 2 halves" Akpos: "What kind of magic is that, you'll turn my problem from 1 to 2! Make her disappear instead"

2. How many types of coffee do we have in Africa? Akpos: "Two types". Teacher: "Very Good! What are they?" Akpos: "Koffi Anan & Koffi Olomide"

3. Combine a sentence with d words: Green,Yellow, and Pink. Akpos: "Every time I hear the phone ring Green, Green, I Pink it up and Say Yellow?"

4. Teacher: "Name 1 common cause of Heart Attacks..." Akpos: "Hugging of Girls with big Boobs"

5. If not for music; PSquare will be dancing break dance at weddings, Davido will still b writing WAEC. Wandecoal will be advertising for Dudu Osun (blacksoap).

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