Friday, 19 April 2013

In-Between The Legs Action As Kenyan Singer Lets Fans Feel Her...


I never thought i'll see such from non-African musicians not to talk of Africans in Africa! This Kenyan musician while performing on stage some days ago decided to thrill her fans some more by letting them feel her delicate part. 

What do you think of this, thrilling or trashy?

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  1. interesting!!!! as a fan of this blog u shuld let me do the same to u ;)

  2. HA, this picture is old now, how can you say its some few days ago. Do your research well, this picture is atleast a year old.

  3. HaaaaAa I wud tickles her down there#horney pot#

  4. OMG! Rubbish gal! But dats quite interesting ;-)


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