Friday, 19 April 2013

Can You Marry A Divorcee?

In certain parts of the world, it's normal for a man/woman to be married like three or four times. In other parts like Nigeria, the idea of being with a divorcee is still a controversial topic.

From a research carried out, only 10 percent of people can marry a divorcee. Why is this so?

Unlike the western world where people end their marriages for flimsy reasons, it's hard for Africans to do such. This might boil down to our cultural and religious believes. When you meet a divorcee, the reasons behind the break up are always really strong and probably after much long suffering. 

Some of the reasons why people say they can't marry a divorcee is that the person once had a significant other that they once really loved or still love deep down in their hearts. This can lead to insecurities in the new marriage. Thoughts that the reason why the person divorced might actually pop up, is another issue that might bring up insecurities in a marriage.  

Some other people frown at it, saying it's a sin. According to their religious beliefs, marriage is ordained by God and no man should put it asunder. Some people believe that gender plays a major role in the issue of marrying a divorcee or not. It's more acceptable for a woman to marry a divorced man than a man to marry a divorced woman. Some cultural norms believe that for a man to leave a woman, there is something wrong with her. Divorced women in these cultures are looked down upon and referred to as 'used and tainted'. They blame the woman for not making her marriage work.

Should this be the case. What of people who have to leave because the marriage was damaging to them- physical or verbal abuse, infidelity e.t.c. Are divorced people not allowed to have a second chance in love? There is a saying that being stuck in a bad marriage is as good as having hell  on earth...

Are there permissible reasons why an individual can end a marriage?

What's you take, can you marry a divorcee?

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  1. Divorce people r people too. People divorce for many reason, the old husband might be abusive or the wife is a slut, so everyone 1 deserve to be with a partner that makes them happy even if u hv to try a few times before u get it right

  2. Things are changing day by day.

  3. Read your Bible and yes there is a reason why you can divorce.


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