Monday, 4 March 2013

Who Rocked The Red And Black Dress Better, Toolz Or Mercy Johnson?


To our left, we have The BeatFM's sugar Toolz as she squeezes herself into a red and black frock, showing off that hour glass figure, and her neck adorned with an elaborate draping jewelery at Iyanya's album launch on Saturday.
Our darling Mercy Johnson on the other hand, gave us a pre-pregnancy "Wow!!!" on WOW! magazine cover, rocking a color-similar dress. Lord have Mercy!

Who rocked the red and black dress better?

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  1. Mercy of course, effortlessly too

  2. dis toolz girl is fat and can neva b compared to mercy johnson

  3. Meanwhile there Somtin new or different about Mercy's nose... Or is it my eyes playing tricks? *eye rolling*

  4. Too much of anything is bit good so I give it to Mercy Johnson, hands down

  5. Chizzy,wat do U mean by 'toolz squeezes into her dress',wat are U insinuating??hiss

  6. unfair comparison . one is a studio pose and the other a candid . Studio for studio , Toolz would have beaten Mercy , but now ,weeellll............


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