Wednesday, 6 March 2013

VIDEO: Female Pastor Preaches With Her 'Inked' Boobs Exposed.


I honestly don't know what to say about this... Maybe I shouldn't say a thing, just see for yourself.

Watch the video


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  1. What did she talk about? Didn't get a word. Was looking at her breasts the whole time. She must be a joker.

  2. Smh....Couldn't listen without being distracted by the cleavage.

    Anyways by their 'boobs' we shall know them.

  3. Mrs Chizzy, am also speechless like u o... Na wa o

  4. Lol!!!!! she talked about the fourth tongue and the rest!! I was actually focusing on her boobs.... Mehn she did this stuff on purpose cos am sure she watched this video before it was published.... its promotion..

    Errm.. Who knows her church?????? i am now her member..

  5. ....5th tongue nko? Message was titled forked tongue.


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