Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Paparazzi's Are Proving That I'm A B*tch" Lil Kim

Apparently Lil Kim reveals that paparazzi has been sabotaging her Image and she’s tired of it. Some of her pictures went viral on web after her interview on MTV which according to Kim, those pics were photo shopped to make her look like a b*tch.

"That sh*t no more. All they have been proving is I'm that b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones.
Today was the last straw. You saw me on TV, people were posting pics all day… None of them looked the way that fake picture looked.
Here is a side by side that shows the sh*t they did & a few more raw, unedited pics. You guys f**ked it up for all the Paps. F*ck outta here" Say Lil Kim

Checkout the photo shop picture below, they serious made her look like a queen B.

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  1. laugh or yawn no smoke without firewhy did she go for surgery?.


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