Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nigerian Celebrities; How Short Is Too Short For An African Woman?


Africa is a continent known for its traditions and believes. Several years ago, it was believed that the woman’s place is at home in the kitchen while the man is the one to go out and work. Men were to keep their hair as low as possible while the women left theirs to grow out.
But in recent times, a lot seems to have changed. Men braid their hair now; women have started taking the high seats in meetings at work and much more. Along with those changes is the way some Nigerian women dress. Gone are the days when a woman had to wear long flowing- ground sweeping skirts or dresses. Nigerian women are now more liberal and provocative in the way they dress. That has raised some eye brows especially from our more elderly ones. Questions like “How Short Is Too Short?” have been going round.
We decided to compile some pictures of our Nigerian female celebrities for you. Now we ask you our dear readers, “How Short Is Too Short?”


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