Friday, 29 March 2013

Just A Month After Giving Birth, Amber Rose Is Already Living The Busy Life

It has been just a month since Amber Rose gave birth to her son, yet she is back in showbiz like nothing happened. Last week, she was on The Ricki Lane Show, not long after she was spotted in the studio with Akon, Kelly Rowland and Pharrell. America didn't relent to throw negative words at her, clearly she is unaffected by what people say as she was spotted not long ago clubbing with her baby daddy, WizKalifa. She tweeted;
"‘I’m having my first drink tonight since I had Sebastian….I’m gonna take @snooki’s advice & take it easy "
Do you think there is a fixed rule on how long a woman should stay locked in after child birth? OR is it just an archaic belief?

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