Friday, 22 March 2013

A 21st Century Woman's Opinion: To Change Your Surname Or Not?

The idea of changing your surname goes as far back as the dinosaur era. It was the norm that once a woman gets married, she automatically changes her surname from that of her father to her husband's. It meant that the ownership of the woman was being transferred from the father to the husband( this is why the father walks the woman down the aisle).

Now, fast-forward to the years where women started fighting for their rights and now that we have gotten it. A lot of women have done well and made a name for themselves. Then in comes a guy from nowhere and says you should get married. Does that mean you as a woman have to drop your surname for his? The essence of it then was more like a possession swap, but we are in a time and age where women are seen as equals and can fend for themselves.

Is a woman suppose to just let go of who she is, her identity of so many years for a man. Okay, fine. Some people have considered a double surname such as 'Olokodana-Akintunde'.... seriously, would you like to dumb such a name on your children. Some one suggested blending the names to something like 'Olotunde'(LOL) whatever that means. And the most controversial of all, for the guy to take up the woman's surname!

Did i hear a big no? If guys can't do that, why do they expect a woman to do it? We no longer tie leaves around our waists and live in mud houses, so why haven't we dropped this pattern?

Or women, is there more to it for you than just tradition? Do you gain a sense of security when you drop your surname and take his? Is your surname just a name, with no meaning or identity to it? Why do we really do this?.... that is the question.

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  1. This is a great topic to talk about, but am sure 96% of man neva take this, Even Me.

  2. I love your blog bt I don't know why people don't comment! I swear I love this blog,maybe is cos u r married sha,all ds mumu bois don't like married ladies,pls don't ever quit oo cos me I love ur blog more than any blog n nigeria nt even linda's blog is update like urs! Greet ur husband

  3. Even in nigeria we can see it amongst celebs
    Stella Damasus-Aboderin
    Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde
    Uche Jombo-Rodriguez
    Funke Akindele-Oloyede
    them plenty

  4. @20:21 u jt said ma mind bless u

  5. this is so nice. but im pretty sure most guys wont agree. they are so egonistic.... yes EGONISTIC!!!! and i have such a nice surname

  6. Well, if you ask me i will say this is a meaningless topic. God created Eve through Adam because he needed a companion. Even you chizy, confirmed that it has been a tradition since the dinasaur era. Wether you like it or not, man remains superior. This is why most women remain single for the rest of their lives blaming God forgeting that its all due to the fact that they are megalomaniacs!I'm sure all virtueous women would agree with me that two captains cannot captain a ship.for a marriage to be blissful and survive the test of time women need to submit to their husband as head of the family. Cheers.


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