Thursday, 28 February 2013

15-Year-Old Boy Rapes Girl, 14 After Watching Porn For Hours.

Judge Bourne Arton

15-year-old boy brutally rapes schoolgirl of 14 after spending hours on pornography websites.

Trying to re-enact sadistic scenes he had viewed on hardcore porn sites, the 15-year-old had the girl gagged, bound, beaten up, and raped. 

He and a friend had threatened the girl with knives, had her head covered with a plastic bag and a scarf tightened around her neck before carrying out the act. The battered and bruised girl had to bite through the bag in order to breathe and has been left emotionally and psychologically scarred.

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, said:
"I have no doubt the trigger for this offence was the child's wish for experimentation following visits to internet porn."
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At an earlier hearing Judge Bourne Arton -where he described the attack as 'heinous'- told the older boy:
"The full horror of what you did, only she can know. You had for many months, spent many days trawling through internet pornography.
Your interest in sexual matters was heightened and heightened, unfulfilled, and you wanted to experiment.
Weak-willed you may be and weak-minded you may be, but you knew everything that you did to her. You may have been led, but you were led willingly.’ The girl’s father, who runs a small business, added: ‘This will affect her for the rest of her life. She’s very quiet now, she’s a different person."
 The relatives of the girl and the rapist have called on the Government to design a measure to help stop kids' access to online pornography.
"Restrictions should be put in place.

This attack on my daughter was pre-planned. They were re-enacting porn they had watched online.

Kids of five are looking at porn, which is horrendous. When we were that age we were playing with toy soldiers." the girl's dad spoke out.
he continued: "They can get it anywhere, on their iPhones and other mobiles really easily. Any porn is inappropriate for children but it’s the extreme violent nature of it that is worrying."
The older boy and accomplice friend, 14 admitted that they had engaged in rape and false imprisonment at an earlier hearing. The 15-year-old is sentenced to three years at Teesside Crown Court while his friend bagged a four-year time for having been the one who instigated the idea. But the girl's father slammed the terms:He said:
"They’ll be out in a year, perhaps two. But this will affect my daughter for ever. She is very quiet now, she is a different person."
 The older boy’s gran said after the case: "We had no idea he was watching porn until it was said in court."

Suggesting ways to curb chiljd access to online porn, Lisa Harker, of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), said:
"Sadly we are hearing about more and more cases like this. ChildLine has seen a surge in calls from young people exposed to hard core pornography on the internet and from young girls saying they are being pestered, coerced and even forced into mimicking these videos. 
The industry must help parents block these videos."
Vivienne Pattison, director of campaign group Mediawatch-UK, added:
"This case is a potent example of the potential damage that can be done by porn.
It’s definitely the way forward to block porn for everyone unless they opt in to it."

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  1. Na waaaa o! May God helP this generation. So sad, may that young girl find peace in life.


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