Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nigerian Movie Producer, Opa Williams Travels To India For Heart Surgery

Movie Producer and director of the comedy show "Nite Of A Thousand Laughs" has arrived Bangalore in India for an urgent heart surgery. Opa Williams disclosed his travel plans to his fans via his facebook page saying "How things change, how new things, places, experiences spring up before you and take priority over all else. Its 5:am and i am in Dubai waiting to catch a flight to Bangalore, Bangalore, that name was never known to me some three months ago, even going to Dubai was not in my things to do list a month ago. But am here sitting and waiting for my flight to Bangalore South India and its about six hours from now.Whats on my mind, get there and do this damn surgery and get back to Lagos and revisit my drawn things to be done for the year 2012. This was just a distraction that God has conquered". Williams has suffered the heart disease for over 5 months before his doctor refered him to Bangalore.
I wish him a successful surgery and quick recovery.
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