Thursday, 13 December 2012

Another Photo Scandal Of Davido In Bed With Lover

Not again! Here is another photo of Davido in bed with a girl whose identity is unknown for now. Obviously, this photo was taken by the girl while Davido was asleep. In March there were also some pictures of Davido and 18yr old Sonia kissing and fondling him in bed while he was asleep in Ghana. I really can't fathom the reason behind this scandal. Is it to tarnish his image or to show to the world that "I'm currently sleeping with the famous "Omo Baba Olowo"? Anyway, i think Davido is simply enjoying himself as a young, rich dude. But he should be careful of the kind of babes he takes to bed and also his sleeping habits. A good name is better than gold and silver.
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  1. No Comment...If na u..wont u sleep wit him...


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