Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nollywood Actress Rita Nzelu Is Back On Screen Again After 7 years Break

One of the oldest pioneer in Nollywood industry, Rita Nzelu  is back on screen after a very long break from the entertainment world, although it was reported that she left her acting career to join her husband in London.

Rita Nzelu marks her return with a new movie titled ‘International Games’ which is set to premiere in London on Friday, 2nd November this year, and stars like Jackie Appiah, British actor, Gareth McChlery will be featured in the movie 

The movie is more like a “Green-card style Nigerian comedy”, that tells the story of Mma, a Nigerian illegal immigrant who needs papers to stay in the UK and decides to dupe a resident, Richard, to enable her to get them. Unfortunately she has to keep up the pretense of being a Nigerian Princess in order to keep him and recruits her friend Blessing, from Nigeria to act as her slave girl. All this hilarity add to twists and counter-twist that makes the movie a must watch  

Do you think Rita Nzelu will be able to force her way back as a top actress in Nollywood? share your thoughts with me
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