Thursday, 13 September 2012

May D, P-square Latest: Breaks silence. I was loyal to a fault

Stories have been flying across that May D is going to sue Square records (P-square's record label) for his sack without proper notice, yet May D has not made any official statement concerning the matter, but he did answer some questions from a fan on twitter in regards to his relationship with Square Records. READ the interaction between May D and a Fan below :

@isssegrace: how u doing dis fine evening? Can I have attention pls. 

@MisterMayD: right here sweet

@isssegrace: you have been quiet all dis while, wats going on? Talk to me.

@MisterMayD: Dey say silence is golden! And I've always been guided by the word that says : be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger

@isssegrace: how wud u describe ur relationship with square records b4 now?

@MisterMayD: very cordial.. Infact I would say I was loyal to a fault.

So you now know May D's own sideof the story, but i still feel there is more to it. Meanwhile May D is off to Malaysia for a concert.

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