Friday, 14 September 2012

Funny Tweet Between Banky W and a Fan. Including Gordon's Tweets

Celebrities fans on twitter can be so funny ehh, they will  device any means possible just to get the attention of their favorite on twitter. Here is a tweet conversion between Banky and Fan, plus very funny tweets from Gordon's. Although its a parody account, just use this tweets to enjoy your weekend.

Banky Wellington ‏@BankyW Hope ur dad doesnt see this tweet :-P RT @A1tiriks: When i grow up i wanna be fresh like @bankyw :D wow wish he was my dad or uncle.."


Oga e be like say u never look mirror. When last did u need a barber :-P RT @GordonComedian: #QuestionGodCanAnswer Y BankyW Hair Never Grow

Do you agree with Gordon's Tweets:
#TheWorldWouldBeABetterPlaceIf Dbanj and Donjazzy were still Together

#TheWorldwouldBeABetterPlaceif TerryG's "free madness song" was Nigeria's National Anthem! 

#TheWorldwouldBeABetterPlaceif ADAM and EVE Followed God's Instructions R-T if U Agree 

#TheWorldwouldBeABetterPlaceif Sina Rambo/ Vic O Furthered dier Education 

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