Thursday, 30 August 2012


I got this incredible picture and am still wondering if this really did happen? This is so sad. What do you guys think about this? That's an African Python coiled around the helpless young boy. To me i  feel its a lie! how can the camera man video instead of trying to call for help ? or maybe its a rubber snake, and if it is not that act is cruel.

Do you think it's for real or perhaps a Photoshop work? Please share your thought

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  1. Not real,the python can't feed while sm1 watches

  2. Big snakes will coil around people, even if it isn't to eat them, but even assuming this is a real photo, it isn't just the camera man. Someone took the still photo. Plus, there was probably a sound man and a producer as well as a translator if they are in Africa.


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