Friday, 12 April 2013

Who Wore It Better, Agbani Darego Or The Model? Get the Look.

  Image 1 of TFNC Midi Dress with Plunge Neck

The top left picture is of Agbani Darego at her sister's wedding. The top right is of a model in a similar dress. If you like the look, you can have it without the wardrobe malfunction our dear Agbani had.

  • Make sure you get a dress that fits properly around the bust and waist. Unlike other dresses that have supports around the shoulder, this design doesn't. You can add a slim belt around the waist for a firmer hold.
  • For ladies that are fuller at the bust, get a smart 'strapless' bra that would support your asset and keep the dress in place.
  • When shopping for a similar dress, make sure you try it on. Raise your arms, bend over, sit down with the dress. This way you'll know if the dress fits you well or not.
  • Don't opt for under size clothes and keep your accessories simple.
  • Now, you have the Agbani look. Have fun.
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  1. Model

  2. Agbani.. The Model Looks like a Lizard putting on Candy Wrapper.. (-_-)


  3. We are nt seeing agbani well nau...abeg step up

  4. Model. Boob show is a no no.


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