Thursday 11 April 2013

Who Sings Better? Omawunmi Vs Waje

                          Omawunmi                                                                  Waje

Beautiful Nigerian singer, Omawunmi has come out to give us an insight on her relationship with single mom/colleague Waje.

She speaks about her friendship with Waje;

Your friendship has been celebrated in the media several times. Tell me about it.
"We are good friends. We have similar qualities, we like the same type of things and we understand ourselves that is why you don’t hear things like Omawumi and Waje are quarreling.  You can’t come and set fire in our midst, that is the kind of friendship we have. And then our families are close. She is my daughter’s Godmother and I am her daughter’s Godmother as well. We go on holidays together with our daughters, we pray together, we have fun together, she is my support system and I am hers."

She also said that Waje is a fantastic singer and she's more like a sister to her.

Guys, who do you think sings better?

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