Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Wonders Of Shea Butter.

Shea butter, also known locally as 'ori' is gradually gaining popularity among health conscious people. Shea butter is gotten from the nuts of wild karite trees. Some people who have known about it for ages claim it's the best skin healer and moisturizer. Aside its usage for beauty enhancement, its used for burns, ulcerated skin, stretch marks and dryness.

The local, unprocessed Shea butter is cheap. A handful would cost you like N50. It's thick in texture so its best to mix it with your moisturizer for a much better feel. For those that want to use strictly Shea butter, you can mix it with scented oil to improve the smell. Some other benefits of Shea butter includes;

  • It helps restore the elasticity of the skin. This is really good for new mothers as it helps put your body back to it's pre-pregnancy shape.
  • It helps to heal cuts and burns without scarring. Once you get the affected area clean,  apply shea butter to it continuously.
  • It has a natural sun screen protection. Bare in mind that its not enough and should not replace the use of regular sun screens.
  • It can be used as conditioner for the hair, protecting it from damages. Works best when applied to the hair itself not the scalp.
  • It helps reduce fine lines, laugh lines, pimples, eczema e.t.c. on the face.
  • It helps prevent bumps after shaving.
Note that Shea butter neither lightens nor darkens the skin. It specializes in skin repair only. For best results, wash your face/body before bed time and apply your Shea butter-moisturizer mixture. The skin repairs itself  overnight, the oil would then go into the skin and repair it.

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