Wednesday 3 April 2013

VIDEO: Do you want to be the next Halle Berry or the next Madonna? Well this is an introduction to what you and your family will have to live with daily

Are you thinking of the celebrity lifestyle? To be the next Wizkid or Nicky Minaj. You would love to be on stage and have a lot of fans screaming your name, maybe you should think again.

This is just an insight into what top celebrities go through in public. They can barely take two steps without the press and paparazzi watching them. Who you are with, what your family does, where you sleep or drive would all be under tough scrutiny. Here is a video clip of Halle Berry and her loved ones at the airport. Nothing special, just three people trying to get somewhere and the paparazzi won't just let them be.

 It's as simple as this, there is almost no privacy for celebrities. Do you think Halle Berry and her fiance over reacted to all the paparazzi trailing them despite the fact that there was a child or is it something they should just get used to since the camera men were just doing their jobs? Can you empathize with Halle.

Just like the Pussy cat song said, " be careful what you wish for... you just might get it.

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  1. Very very annoying they can't even look around. Well, on the other hand, the press are helping them to be popular more.

    That can't happen in Nigerian cuz some1 cares about 9ja stars. I guess (9ja stars) pray to get press n fans around them each day they step out.


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